Our Churches

Member Churches

These churches together are The Praetorian Project. Each church has covenant membership with founding documents, a local plurality of elders, and the ability to be financially independent. Additionally, each of these churches endeavor to be a multiplying church. Today 3 of our 5 member churches have sent out at least 1 church plant.

Pillar Church of Dumfries

Dumfries, Virginia

Pillar Church of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Pillar Church of Oceanside

Oceanside, California

Pillar Church of Okinawa

Okinawa, Japan

Pillar Church of Twentynine Palms

Twentynine Palms, California

Church Plants

These churches are regularly gathering as a church under the authority of their sending church and are working towards becoming full member churches in the project.

Pillar Church of Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Pillar Church of Woodlawn

Alexandria, Virginia

Future Church Plants

This church has an approved church planter who is in the process of preparing to start the church, solidifying partnerships with churches, and gathering a core team. All this is done under the leadership and authority of the planter’s sending church.

Pillar Church of San Diego

San Diego, California

Get connected with a local pillar church!

If you would like to get connected with one of our Praetorian Project churches, please contact one of the pastors or speak with any of our Praetorian Project members.


Our Board

Colby Garman

Board President

Pillar Church of Dumfries

Trace Martinez

Board Secretary

Pillar Church of Oceanside

Jon Ransom

Board Member

Pillar Church of Okinawa