Moving Well Webinar

When: May 25, 8PM Eastern

About the Moving Well  webinar

Are you moving this year? Is someone in your church moving this year? What would it look like to move well? What if instead of just surviving a move, you were able to thrive through it? What practical steps can you take for your family or another family in your church?

We plan to answer these questions and more in our Moving Well Webinar led by our Executive Director, Brian O’Day. In his 10-year career as a Marine, Brian and his wife, Kelli, moved 6 times and were a part of 5 different churches (not to mention the dozens visited in the “church search” seasons).

The church Brian has pastored for the past 8 years, Pillar Church of Jacksonville, is approximately 75% active-duty families who are constantly coming in and out of the church. As our Executive Director, Brian now oversees our work in the Praetorian Project where we seek to facilitate long-term discipleship of highly transient people.