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Clint Clifton on In the Trenches

Clint Clifton (Pillar Dumfries) joins Jared Huntley (Pillar DC) and Logan Douglas on their podcast In the Trenches. In this episode they discuss raising up...

Jonathan Davis on Church Planting Podcast

Clint Clifton and Jonathan Davis look back on 15 years of ministry together including Jonathan being involved in constituting several churches within the Praetorian Family....

Praetorian Project History (Part 2)

Clint Clifton and Brian O’Day complete the recent history of the Praetorian Project by continuing to interview planters and pastors in the family.

Praetorian Project History (Part 1)

Brian O’Day and Clint Clifton walk through the history of the Praetorian Project by interviewing many of the Praetorian pastors and planters.

Pillar Dumfries 5/24/2020

Pillar Dumfries, the first church in the Praetorian Project dedicates their Sunday Service to talking about our work together. Check it out!